Microcontroller Based Embedded Solutions in Bangladesh

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Embedded System


Melab is an organization formed by number of embedded system design professionals are learning and transfering Embedded Computing Experience in Bangladesh. It works and provides microcontroller, microprocessor, plc based systems solutions for beginners to professionals. It offers digital products, designs and trainings from individual to corporates. We welcome challenges of artificial intellegence designing from simple electronics to server robots. Since we started, a number of satisfied users have created for whom we are always encourased.

In the first world countries, people avail a lot of surrounding facilities for self developments. Connecting facilities encourage them to go ahead. But for Bangladesh, we dont have such situations for new comers in any sector. It is very much true that information services through internet is one of the biggest revolution for the world. But, after that a lot of barriers stack us in development activities. Beside these,
  we exploring bangladesh...

is a small computer on a single chip. When microprocessors take place into any electronic system or device is called embedded system.
The first 50 Years of the 20th century witnessed the invention of the internal combustion engine, which greatly extended the physical strength of the human body. In the second half of the century, the birth of the microprocessor further extended our mental capabilities. Applications of this amazing product in various industries have introduced so much impact on our lives; hence, it is called the second industrial revolution.

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